About Us

The concept of The Dancing Soul began when two local psychotherapists: Julie Parmenter and Martina Breen came together with a common dream of opening up a multi disciplinary therapy centre in Athlone.

The centre opened in in October 2011 in Pearse Street, Athlone with 4 Therapy rooms and a retail space for holistic products. In 2013, they expanded the centre to a 3,000 sq ft centre in Monksland hosting 6 therapy rooms and 2 groups spaces. The Dancing Soul has moved from strength to strength and now is home to over 20 practitioners offering a wide range of services to the clientele of Athlone and it’s environs.

The Dancing Soul is dedicated to the enhancement of health and well-being on a body, mind and Spiritual Level. We have a mission of providing a beautiful, restful environment for healing therapies and training work-shops to be facilitated.

Our Vision

Our Mission Statement

The Dancing Soul offers a wide range of services that attend to all the dimensions of the human condition: intellectual, physical, spiritual, relational and social well-being. The success of The Dancing Soul is built on trust, expertise, professionalism and a personal contact that always puts the well-being of its clients first. We aspire to create a space where all feel welcome, supported and nurtured.

Our Values

Our core values Community, Presence, Learning, Freedom, Change, Creativity, Innovation and Humbleness.

The services offered at The Dancing Soul are informed by our belief in:

We believe that in the power of community: the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts

Practicing and teaching the power of presence, the power of now.

We believe that personal development and education is a lifelong journey.

Freedom from Suffering
We aspire to alleviate pain and suffering with the belief in the innate ability of the body to heal itself

Cultivating Change
We aspire to be catalysts of positive change in people’s lives, cultivating meaning, values to live by, a sense of direction, and a basis for hope.

We trust in the process of creativity and the ability to create one’s reality.

We support Soul Traders to share their skills and message.

We innovate and constantly improve

We choose to leave our egos at the door.