April Newsletter


hello community,

Spring is officially here. How is the change of season for you?

Just like the seasons we change and grow throughout the year.  Summer can be a time of energy, fulfilment… Autumn a time for transitions, harvesting… Winter a time for hibernation and loss… Spring an opportunity for learning and awakening.

Of course, for each human the symbolism for each season may differ, for some the perceived ‘happier’ months may hold a loneliness and the ‘harder’ months may hold a safety.
The beautiful part being that we can have our own meaning, our own symbolism.
Take a moment to reflect on your life at present. Allow yourself to get a sense of how your life is for you… how it feels.
Are you in the space for the delights that Spring offer? Or maybe your pace is slower, not emerging from the Winter just yet. Wherever you are I hope that you can support yourself in this space, giving yourself what you need.
And just as no season is permanent, either are we. Ebbing and flowing through each day, each week, each month, each season, each year. Change is the only constant in life.


love & light,

the dancing soul


The heart is the inner face of your life.
The human journey strives to make this inner face beautiful.
It is here that love gathers within you. Love is absolutely vital for a human life.
For love alone can awaken what is divine within you.
In love, you grow and come home to your self.
When you learn to love and let yourself be loved, you come home to the hearth of your own spirit.
You are warm and sheltered.

   – John O’Donohue


Wind Down The Week

This Friday enjoy a wind down from the week in our yoga class with Athrú Yoga.
If you miss the class it will be recorder for you to enjoy over the weekend. Suitable for all levels.

Book Here >



The Weekly Wheatley Podcast with Art Psychotherapist Joanne O’ Dwyer

Joanne joins Derek for a conversation about her her beginnings as an artist, the powers of creativity, art therapy, candidates for art therapy, how art therapy can benefit people on the Autism spectrum and Dalí.

Listen Here >


Dancing Soul feature in the Westmeath Independent.








Therapy Book Club

This month was the first zoom meet up for the book club. Host Joanne O’ Dwyer wrote the intention for starting the book club and the how the first meet went.


Read Here >

Hypnotherapy, hormones and childbirth: how does it all work?
 Or: how hypnobirthing can help you reconnect with the perfect system your body is.

By Cecile Jacquot,
Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing

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Journal Prompts

  • What am I ready to let go of that no longer serves me?
  • What am I ready to make space for in my life?
  • How might the season of Spring support me in this?

Art @poeticamenteflor

Virtual Creative Workshop Series for Bereaved Children

This 8 Week Programme will be facilitated by Art Therapists Joanne O’ Dwyer and Anna Shinnors.
Each Workshop will use arts-based-media as its main tool in supporting children in working through their own experience with grief. In doing so there will be the opportunity to connect with other children of their own age who are also experiencing grief. This is particularly significant for the time we are living in as there are limited supports for peer connection, something we know is vital in supporting us ALL in our grief.
Each week there will be a topic / theme that we will look at together, in a safe and gentle virtual space. This will be followed by two creative exercises that will support the topic / theme of the week. There will always be opportunity for sharing but that will be entirely up to the individual.
Places are limited so do make sure to book your spot by emailing either arttherapywithjoanne@gmail.com or annashinnors@gmail.com

Therapy Resource

Therapy Games for Teens is a great resource to have to connect, open up dialogue and build a therapeutic relationship.

There are 150 activities to improve Self-Esteem, Communication and Coping Skills.
Although it is focused towards teenagers it is applicable to adults also.

Link to Buy>


words to ponder over the coming month…

i miss the days my friends
knew every mundane detail about my life
and i knew every ordinary detail about theirs
adulthood has starved me of that consistency
that us
the walks around the block
the long conversations when we were
too lost in the moment to care what time it was
when we won and celebrated
when we failed and celebrated harder
when we were just kids
now we have our very important jobs
that fill up our very busy schedules
we compare calendars just to plan coffee dates
that one of us eventually cancels
cause adulthood is being too exhausted
to leave our apartment most days
i miss knowing i once belonged
to a group of people bigger than myself
that belonging made life easier to live

– friendship nostalgia

― Rupi Kaur, Home Body


Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. We hope it offers some sort of support and comfort during these times. 

go gently…
the dancing soul
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