Is there a connection between physical symptoms and emotions?

In the words of Louise Hay ‘I know that dis-ease can be reversed by simply changing mental patterns’ – Heal your Body A-Z,  Hay House 1998

People come to see me to resolve physical symptoms that have no medical explanation. These symptoms include, aches and pains, rashes, blurred vision, allergies, sleeplessness, low energy to name but a few.

We humans are complex beings as we all have Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental aspects to our existence. If one of these aspects is out of balance the others are affected.  People often express being out of balance as ‘feeling off’ or ‘not feeling myself’.

Energy Healing identifies where the person is most out of balance and works with that aspect as a priority. The emotional aspect can take some time to surface in session but once it does, recovery is quickly set in motion.

One recurring example I come across regularly is where someone with a history of unresolved heartache or heartbreak will also have associated physical heart related problems.  One of my favourite remedies to use is the Phytobiophysics Hawthorn Formula. This powerful remedy helps with heartache and supports the emotions which can affect our hearts following the end of a relationship or loss of a loved one. It can also support those in the caring professions.

Other recommendations for recovery include nutritional & homeopathic supplements, energy essences, acupressure, affirmations, dietary & lifestyle changes.



Frances Sweeney
Energy Healing- Kinesiology & Reiki