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October Newsletter

hello community,

as our first month of 2021 comes to a close… take this moment to check-in.
How are you?
Maybe not the start to a new year that many were hoping for and yet here we are moving through.
Moment to reflect, have you been able to meet your needs the last month? what has worked well? what hasn’t?
what would you like to carry with you into this month? and what might you like to leave behind?

This coming month may we make space for love, starting with ourselves.
First, lets become aware. What comes to mind when you hear the word love? Where do you notice it in your body? What memories/ experiences surface as you connect with it?
How would you describe your relationship with love?

Second, the invitation is to be curious. How might you cultivate love for yourself this month?
How might that look… how might that feel?
Might that be something you would like to create space for?
If this is new, start small. How would it be to commit to five minutes a day or one evening a week to yourself?

The intention of committing time to yourself holds a special energy.
energy flows where intention goes

May the next month be full of intentions that serve and support you.

love and light friends,
the dancing soul


The heart is the inner face of your life. 
The human journey strives to make this inner face beautiful.
It is here that love gathers within you. Love is absolutely vital for a human life.
For love alone can awaken what is divine within you.
In love, you grow and come home to your self.
When you learn to love and let yourself be loved, you come home to the hearth of your own spirit.
You are warm and sheltered.

John O’Donohue

Photo by Olivia Feehan

January Initiative: Dancing Soul Here to Support You 

We hosted this initiative on our social media where many of our therapists shared tips and techniques to support our community.
As our therapists have diverse skills and areas of expertise, there was a beautiful and insightful variety in what was shared.

These posts will stay on our Facebook and Instagram for you to avail of for support anytime.

Watch out for our posts this February when our therapists will be sharing why they love doing the work they do.

The Therapy Book Club

We are starting a book club with our first book pick being Daniel J. Siegel ‘The Mindful Therapist’.

Sharing a link for the book if you would like to join us on our reading venture.

You can message 086 0772295 if you would like to join our club.

Link for Book >


February Blogs

Social Media tips for Business 
By Joanne O’Dwyer

Social media is wonderful and free resource to build your business, reach potential clients and widen your community.
For some it can feel be daunting, even to know where to start or what content you want to create.

Joanne is sharing her wisdom and experience that will help you feel more at ease and inspired to get creating and connecting.

Click here to read.

Holistic Self-Care
  By Olivia Feehan

Every choice we make as an impact, direct and indirect. In this article, Olivia explains how one self-care choice may support us in many ways.
Understanding that everything is connected can have a powerful influence on our choices.

Click here to read.



Journal Prompts

  • How would I describe my relationship with myself?
  • What was something I did as a child that brought me joy?
  • How would it feel to nourish my relationship with myself?
  • Can I give myself 5 minutes (more if you want) to myself each day for this month to do whatever brings me joy?




Hypnobirthing is a holistic program that is soundly based on medical knowledge. It relies on a powerful combination of practical information, logic and relaxation techniques. Hypnobirthing helps mothers let go of the tension they may feel around birth, enabling them to work confidently with their body and their baby when the time comes.
You can learn more about the structure of the course and its benefits to you and your baby here, on my website.
Alternatively, you may want to have a listen to the “Under the skin” podcast here, in which Russel Brand (who used hypnobirthing with his two children) interviews one of the leading figures of hypnobirthing: Katherine Graves.

Four sessions over four weeks. Depending on the government guidelines at the time we will either:
Go online, every Monday, 6-8h30 pm, from the 1st of march to the 22nd of march included.
Meet in the Dancing Soul, every Saturday, 10-12h30 am, from the 6th of march to the 27th included.

How much?
It is 250€ for the whole course. Course notes, recordings, and ongoing support throughout pregnancy included!
Places are limited and bookings required.You can book your spot here.

Meet your hypnobirthing teacher!

Cecile Jacquot is the owner of Orange Cloud Hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapy clinic based in the Dancing Soul. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and KGH (Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing) teacher. She is passionate about helping parents experience the most empowering birth possible.

Words to ponder over the coming month

Emotional maturity does not mean you don’t have emotions or that you have it all figured out. It means you are deeply in contact with what you are feeling but also know better than to react blindly and make things worse. It means you can act in ways other than just repeating your past.

Yung Pueblo

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. We hope it offers some sort of support and comfort during these times. 

go gently…

the dancing soul

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