Holistic Self-Care, By Olivia Feehan


Holistic definition
< characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole >

Holistic living means living with the understanding of the whole person. Everything we do impacts the whole of our being.

If you decide to go for walk to move your physical body, you may find that your mind has also been cleared? The opportunity to connect with nature on your walk may lift your mood? Hearing the birds sing may fill your heart with peace?

And of course the flip side of that is choices that don’t support ourselves have a influence just the same.  e.g. too much sugar can impact your mood, bring down your motivation to move your body and impact your sleep.

We won’t always get it right, and that’s okay we are human.

Example of how a hug can meet many of needs.


While writing this blog an event happened that influenced how I was feeling, my mood became a 7/10 annoyed. Recognising how I was feeling ,  I decided to go for a walk with my dog (one of my everyday self-care rituals). As I started my walk I allowed the annoyance be just as it was showing up, replaying in my mind what had happened, the rights, the wrongs, the narratives.
On the second lap of my walk I noticed a shift in the intensity of the annoyance. The feeling presenting was frustration for not being heard. There was a softening within me. I let the feelings take up the space they needed to.
On the third lap, I recognised under the frustration was hurt. I let myself breathe with this awareness. On the last lap, a child walked over to play with my dog and this brought new energy – laughter and ease. I finished the walk feeling a lot better, there was still some residue but I was down to a 3/10 which works for me.

The purpose of my walk was that I knew I needed to leave my environment because I was feeling annoyed. However my walk supported me in many ways – I got to spend time with my dog, moved my body, received fresh air, connected with a hello to others on their walk, improved my mood, worked through the process of frustration and got an opportunity to bring laughter and ease into my day.

Today the walk was enough to support myself, other days I might have needed to add talking it through with a friend/ therapist… patience, if more time was needed for how I am feeling to be processed… do something creative…. journaling.
Understanding the influence that one choice can have on my overall wellbeing is powerful awareness.

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