November Newsletter

hello friends,

Change is constantly happening around us. Nature teaches us the natural cycles of change, without resistance or fear. How beautiful the experience of  life can be we allow it to flow, change and adjust just as it needs to. Trees freeing their leaves to fall and leave the branches bare, without knowing  if or when they will return. And yet we see that every year they do, when the time and environment is right to do so. 
How often in our lives are we clinging onto behaviours… belief systems… relationships… jobs… that no longer serve or support who we are? Maybe once they served a purpose but they no longer do for the human you have grown to be. 
If the trees held onto their leaves every year, how would new and fresh buds have room to grow and flourish? A shedding is necessary to create space for the new. 
Honouring the season we are in, be curious what you want to shed in your life? The invitation is to spend some time sitting in that space. Imagine it, play with it and feel it. 
Go gentle. 

love and light friends,
the dancing soul

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There is a kindness that dwells deep down in things;
it presides everywhere, often in the paces we least expect.
The world can be har sh and negative,
but if we remain generous and patient,
kindness inevitably reveals itself.
Something deep in the human soul seems to depend
on the presence of kindness;
something instinctive in us expect it,
and once we sense it we are able to trust and open ourselves.

John O’ Donohue


So far in the series we have had a diverse range of questions answered by Dancing Soul therapists.
Has there been a particular one that has resonated with you? Or one that you have shared with a loved one that you thought might resonate with them?

More to come…

Journal Prompts –  Exploring Your Needs in Autumn

  • What layers do you feel you are ready to shed?
  • Where in your life do you sense you need more comfort?
  • What does rest mean to you at present?


Words to ponder over the coming month…
But over time I learned that I can choose how to respond to the past.
I can be miserable, or I can be hopeful—I can be depressed, or I can be happy.
We always have that choice, that opportunity for control.
I’m here, this is now, I have learned to tell myself, over and over,
until the panicky feeling begins to ease.
Edith Eger