Bernie Doyle

About Bernie:

My name is Bernie Doyle and I am an Energy Therapist.

I started my journey with energy about 12 years ago when I met a lady who introduced me to the powerful healing effects of energy. At that time my life was very hard due to lack of trust, faith, control and belief in myself. This manifested in a very negative way in my family. Our family and friends around us reflect back to us how we are and this is why some relationships can be difficult. Life was never meant to be a struggle. You have to work hard at creating struggle whereas flow is a natural condition.

Negative energy can manifest in the body and lead to physical illness. Energy healing promotes well-being and emotional awareness and this has been called preventative medicine. A one on one consultation with me will enable you to identify your negative emotions and clear them. It helped me to become aligned to the fullness of all that I am, which is a spiritual being having a human experience. The spirit is limitless the mind is limiting.

So end the struggle and embrace life….