Cecile Jacquot

Are you struggling to reach your target weight? Do you want to adopt a new, healthy attitude towards food? Would you benefit from a self-esteem boost? Are you an athlete in need of a competitive edge? Or simply ready to reach your training potential? Is the fear of re-injury holding you back? Hypnotherapy is for you! Hypnotherapy is a highly versatile discipline that provides phenomenal and long-lasting results within a short period of time.

As a personal trainer and an athletic therapist, I have developed a keen understanding of the challenges underlying any Weight Loss or Athletic journey. This is why I focus on hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Sport Performance, Return to Play and Self-Esteem. However, I have worked with a wide variety of issues, including hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Business mindset, Fears and Phobias, as well as Relationship Issues.

As a qualified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, I provide you with a professional and highly personalized service. I employ all my expertise to help you reach your goals and get the results you have always wanted. During our sessions together, I will use hypnosis to facilitate a state of focused attention and directly target your subconscious beliefs. Session after session I will strongly imprint onto your subconscious mind goal-specific suggestions that will ultimately remodel your mindset in accordance to your goals, and help you achieve those behavioral changes you so wish for. When need be, we will use regression to get at the deep subconscious roots of your issues and eliminate them once and for all.


Initial consultation and hypnotherapy session: €110 – 90 minutes
Following hypnotherapy sessions: €80 – 60 minutes
6 sessions (including initial consultation) paid in full on the first appointment: €450
Maintenance sessions: by arrangement
Smoking cessation program: €250 – 120 minutes