John Prendergast

MEAPH (HyPsych) EMDR and CBT.

Specialising in Anxiety, Trauma, and PTSD. Helping overcome Panic, Worry, Fear, Flashbacks, Nightmares, Stress, & Grief.


Having suffered decades of severe anxiety John now helps people overcome worry, self-doubt, fear, overthinking, holding back, rerunning conversations, etc.

Anxiety is the mind being on alert without reason. It looks for what’s bad in any situation. Everything is over-analysed to find what went wrong. We don’t see the good, but the one problem stands out. The mind seems to only highlight problems and anticipates negative outcomes.

Confidence is undermined by this. The constant ‘what will go wrong’ and ‘never good enough’ feelings dominate our lives. We hold back, imagine the worst, stress and worry about everything.

Sleep suffers, we take ages to fall asleep or wake up a lot. Bowel issues, forgetfulness and more colds or infections can become issues. Back and head pain are frequent as muscles tighten. Happily, for most people anxiety can change for the better. When it does, life can improve in so many ways.


Trauma isn’t just car crashes or violence. When the mind holds onto old memories, they can still hurt many years later. Take bereavement for example, a loss will always be sad, but after a couple of years shouldn’t be as sharp. However, if that pain gets ‘locked-in’ it will still be raw years later. That stored trauma can magnify anxiety, make us hold back, and generally derail us in life.

Whether it’s old memories of bullying, alcohol, violence, abuse in the home, injustice at work, relationships that ended badly, or any other upsetting aspect of life, if it’s on your mind a lot, or is painful when you think of it, there is potential for improvement. The more stress we carry the less easy life is.

Think you’re lazy, or holding back? What we carry and don’t even notice can be behind a huge amount of our motivation and confidence.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

When something shocking and scary happens, the mind can get stuck in the overwhelming emotion of it. We can experience nightmares, flashbacks, find ourselves angry a lot without knowing why, distancing ourselves from friends and family, and being upset for no immediate reason. In these cases, you need something more than talking about it to overcome it.

Trauma pushes our emotions. While that upset is buried in our mind, anxiety and worry levels worsen. It can last decades. Happily, there are a few different therapies which have been demonstrated to help.

EMDR is one of the highest rated trauma therapies – and it doesn’t require talking about it. It is a therapy of choice on the NHS to treat PTSD, is evidence based, and is used by most western militaries to help with trauma. John is trained to a level that includes treating battlefield PTSD and is happy to help.


Having lived decades with severe anxiety and depression, John Prendergast got help to overcome those challenges and build a happier, more successful life. Wanting to help others suffering as he used to, he took advantage of every opportunity; training with world leading therapists & trainers, including Dr Richard Bandler – co-founder of NLP, Paul McKenna, Dr Michael Paterson OBE – EMDR institute trainer, Brendon Burchard, etc, in EMDR, CBT, Hypnotherapy, NLP and more.

With over 5,000 hours experience helping people create better lives, as well as his personal experience of anxiety and depression, he has unique insights into the mind, human suffering, breaking through and build success.

His desire to help comes from his personal experience of too many nights awake, mind racing, panic attacks, low motivation, and avoiding too much life while still suffering anxiety. John is always happy to talk to people about what can change.