Leona Monaghan

Services offered

Integrative Psychotherapy
Adult Counselling
Adolescent Counselling
Vulnerable Adult Counselling

Consultation fee: €70

Leona Monaghan is a trained and fully qualified Integrative Psychotherapist and a member of IAHIP. Leona trained in the University of Limerick to achieve her Graduate Diploma and Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy and also holds a BA in Psychology awarded by NUI Maynooth. Leona has also worked as a Social Care Worker with vulnerable youths and adults and continues to do so. Leona is passionate about and advocates for mental health awareness and education.

“I trust that all people have a will to live authentically. Sometimes this gets disrupted by a person’s environment, work, life stress, by past or current relationships, or loss. The person then begins to feel and act unlike themselves, and can become stuck or repeat unhealthy patterns, for reasons they do not understand. I will work with the person and help them recognise and understand themselves, validate and raise their internal awareness of their resources, strengths and resilience. My aim is that a person who is self-aware will be able to make beneficial changes to live in a more meaningful and balanced way.”

Integrative Psychotherapy responds appropriately and effectively to the person at emotional, behavioural, cognitive, and physiological levels, and addresses also transpersonal human experience and spirituality. Integrative Psychotherapy takes into account many different approaches, including the psychodynamic, client-centred, behaviourist, cognitive, family therapy, attachment theory, Gestalt therapy, body-psychotherapies, object relations theories, psychoanalytic self-psychology, and transactional analysis. Each provides a partial explanation of behaviour and each is enhanced when selectively integrated with other aspects of the therapist’s approach.
“In our session, which will last 50 minutes, we will engage in talking therapy. Initially we will set up a contract of confidentially and I will explain to you how this all works. I will offer you a safe place to explore private personal issues and worries in order to assist you with positive growth, and the opportunity to change how you feel and live in a full and meaningful way. I will respect you and your life story and our journey together.”

The therapeutic interventions used in Integrative Psychotherapy are based on developmental research and theories describing the self-protective defences used when there are interruptions in normal development. The aim of an integrative psychotherapy is to facilitate wholeness such that the quality of the person’s being and functioning in the internal, interpersonal and social space is maximised with respect for each person’s own limits and external constraints.

Leona has worked with clients who are experiencing:

  • Anger management issues
  • Anxiety
  • Attachment issues
  • Bereavement
  • Bullying
  • Caring for family diagnosed with debilitating physical/mental illness
  • Depression
  • Discovering sexuality/ LGBT
  • Emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • Homelessness
  • Low self-esteem/self-worth
  • Relationship break-up/loss
  • Stress
  • Suicide bereavement
  • Trauma and crisis


MA, Integrative Psychotherapy, University of Limerick
Grad. Dip., Integrative Psychotherapy, University of Limerick
Foundation Course in Psychotherapy and Counselling, PCI
BA (Hons) Psychology, NUI Maynooth
BA (Hons) English and History, NUI Maynooth


Domestic Abuse, ADAPT
A.S.I.S.T Training, NOSP and HSE
Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Training, Tusla/TTM
Children’s First Training, Tusla
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, CPI
Gatekeepers program GROW
Drug and Alcohol Awareness levels, CADS