Lisa Quigley

BBsMgt (Hons), BAHCP

Specialising in one to one therapy for Anxiety, Depression and Relationship Issues.

Everyone has a life story from how they grew up to what life is like as an adult. Now maybe the time to share that story and if it is, I am here to listen and support you in whatever it is that you are struggling with. Regain your power.

Anxiety can interrupt and really impact ones life. Using a combination of various therapeutic techniques, it is absolutely possible to regain what anxiety and stress may affect.

Depression comes in all shapes and sizes affecting everyone and anyone. No two people are the same and it affects everyone differently. There are various approaches that can help. Just like depression, the therapeutic approach varies from person to person.

Relationship issues don’t just show up with partners, they can be with friends, family, work colleagues and sometimes even our relationship with ourselves.

Everyone has a story to tell unique to them. Give yourself the gift of telling your story in a non judgmental and supportive setting with an experienced therapist.

Every Journey begins with that first step. Take yours now!

Consultation Fee: €70