Mary O’Reilly

Dip in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy


Providing holistic one to one therapy for personal growth and wellbeing, in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Fee: €60 per session or €300 payable in advance for 6 sessions

As a therapist I have journeyed with clients who chose to work with:

Anxiety, Bereavement, Depression, Sexuality, Low Self Esteem / Self Worth, Emotional and Sexual Abuse, Relationships, Stress, Trauma, Personal Change Management

We are all human. We have ups and downs throughout our lives. For example, there may be times when we are feeling low, overwhelmed, stressed or insecure. We may have experienced a bereavement, changed our job, moved home or may be experiencing difficult relationships. Our response or reaction as humans to each of these challenges is unique. Day to day we may deal with difficult moments by taking ten minutes to ourselves or by taking a walk. We might choose to connect with a family member, or a friend, and all feels good again.

Then there are other times, where we might need something slightly different, something more to support us. That is when taking the risk to reach out to a qualified stranger, someone unfamiliar with you and your life story can make the difference. I can offer you the opportunity to share your feelings and experiences; sharing as much or as little of your life story as you choose. Here in this space, your words and emotions will be heard and witnessed without judgement, with empathy and compassion.

Trusting in the working relationship we build together will offer you the freedom to get in touch with your thoughts, emotions, and your body’s reactions. By getting in contact with me you are providing yourself with the space to work with these experiences.

Whether you are working to restore balance in your day to day life, make changes or would like to get to know yourself. I as your therapist will stand beside you on your journey, drawing on relevant techniques and experiences to support you in the here and now and into the future.

My life experiences and challenges had me searching for something more to support me. I found that support through counselling and throughout my training as a counsellor and psychotherapist. It is my hope that you find the support you need in whatever form it takes for you, and if you choose counselling and psychotherapy I would be privileged to share this part of your journey with you.