Teresa Bolger

Clinical Hypnotherapist


  • Smoke Cessation.
  • Anxiety.


I used to think I was destined to smoke until the day I died. I would make the odd attempt to quit and would last for a matter of hours. I would not be able to think of anything else but having a cigarette and I would give in.

They made me feel awful. I felt old before my time. I had no energy, smelled like stale smoke, my skin looked terrible and I had a horrible wheeze on my lungs that terrified me. I hated the things, yet I could not stop reaching for another one and another one.

It wasn’t until I had a complete change in thinking about my habit that I was able to break free and take back control. Once I understood my addiction and the best methods to overcome it, I put out my final cigarette and felt nothing but relief to be rid of them. It felt amazing to be free.

Helping others to break free is my passion and it is a genuine pleasure to see someone put their habit behind them and feel great about it.

I am always happy to talk about the easiest ways to get to that smoke-free life.

Smoking doesn’t have to be a life sentence.


For many people feeling on edge and worried about everything and nothing is ‘the norm’. They have felt that way for so long they believe it is simply their personality.

Living in a perpetual state of anxiousness is deeply unpleasant. It can become unbearable for some.

Some common traits of anxiety are: feeling on edge, holding back from doing things in case we fail, thinking we are stupid, feeling worthless, ugly or just ‘not good enough’, suffering poor sleep, always thinking of the worst case scenario, avoiding certain situations, fear of speaking up for ourselves, avoiding phone calls etc.

Life with anxiety can be miserable but it is not something that we have to accept and live with forever.

I love to discuss ways of eliminating anxiety from our lives.

Life can always get better.

I also help people with a wide variety of other issues including weightloss, confidence issues, addiction, grief, fears and phobias etc. Feel free to contact me to discuss any issue you have and I’ll assess whether hypnotherapy is a suitable fit for your needs. Asking questions costs nothing. I’m always happy to help!


“One year without so much as one cigarette… My heroine!” – Naomi O Connor

“All I can say is thank you… from 20 a day for 30+ years to being smoke free. Never thought I’d see the day. I was so bad I would smoke even with patches on. Teresa was fantastic, would recommend her highly” – Grace Keeley

“9 weeks a non-smoker from 30 a day. Found Teresa absolutely brilliant. Will never look back’ – UPATE: “17 months off them now. Thanks Teresa”. – John Young

“I was going to tell you that I am so happy to be back to my old self but I am not. I feel so much better than I ever have before. I’ve gone from panic attacks and feeling desperately unhappy to feeling content and confident. I can’t thank you enough” – Anon.

“Life is so different these days. I was a man who could never relax. I was always on edge. When I came to you it was getting to be unbearable. I’m grand now. The difference is huge” – Anon.


STOP SMOKING: €250 in total, €300 for Saturday sessions
Anxiety and all other issues: Between €60 and €80 per session – contact me to discuss options.