Social Media Tips for Business, By Joanne O’ Dwyer

  • Choose a Platform that you actually like to use and are already familiar with!

  • Spend some time collecting imagery and content that inspires you, decide on your aspired Image and commit to it.
    (By Image I mean the colour pallet you like, the style of imagery you are drawn to, the kind of visual impact you would like to have considering the audience you wish to attract etc. Ask yourself What does my practice “look like”?)
  • Spend time collecting relevant pieces of research that inform your work and include it in or alongside your imagery.(Quotes are wonderful)
  • Be Consistent in your interactions. You do need to be active daily.

  • Spend more time engaging with other peoples Posts than Posting your own content. You need to earn your spot.
  • Be Authentic. Do not try to replicate another platform you admire. By all means be inspired by other content but stay true to you. Remember interacting through your social media platform/s will be a part of your daily routine, allow it to be enjoyable authentic!
  • Be Disciplined with the time that you spend with it every day. I pop in and out throughout the day, but my posts do not consume more than twenty minutes of my time. I also take social media breaks and do not beat myself up for needing to unplug for the day.
  • Most social media platforms allow Promotional Booting which help gain more engagement. You will have to pay for this, but you can set your financial limit, see how you get on and take it from there. Boosting posts is great for gaining interaction but if your goal is to reach more potential clients, I would be mindful of the content. (Clear and Direct content for gaining clients, Fun and Engaging content for gaining interaction.)
  • Video engagement is incredibly powerful in gaining both followers/engagements and clients. If you are apprehensive (like me) take your time building up your online presence before you begin live interactions. Once you have a consistent presence you can begin experimenting with short video pieces.


(Again, don’t beat yourself up about this or allow it to cause too much stress or anxiety. The most important piece in all of this is being true to you. Do only what is comfortable for you. Have fun with it! It can be a great way to build connections and explore new areas of your business.)

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I am by no means any kind of expert, but I have a few followers and have gained a few clients through both.

I have found Instagram to be the fun and playful one that helps build up engagements with a younger audience. I have found Facebook a more mature audience; parents, and adult client potentials. I try to be mindful of that in both platform interactions.


By Joanne O’Dwyer
Dancing Soul Art Therapist

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