The Dancing Soul Monthly Newsletter – July 2020

We have launched a new monthly newsletter. You can subscribe here to receive information on updates for our Meditation Classes, Pilates Classes, and details about how our different therapists can support you.

Our first edition is below.

Welcome to our new space for connecting with our community

Hello to all,

We are very excited here at The Dancing Soul to bring you our new online Newsletter to connect with you. We have been working hard so that we can continue to expand our community and increase our exposure in Athlone and it’s environs. Please encourage your clients to sign up for the newsletter on our website or Dancing Soul facebook page.

Each month you will receive our newsletter straight to your inbox where we will update you on what is happening with us, profiles of our therapist’s so you can get to know us and the diverse services we offer.
Also, we will be including invitations that we believe will support you and your well-being, such as joining spiritual leaders and organisations such as Deepak Chopra, the Shift Network, Eckhart Tolle etc, recommendations on books and much more. This is opportunity to learn and journey from the best in the field right from your own home and at your own pace.

Most of the Counselling Therapists are back seeing clients Face to Face with appropriate Social distancing. Keiran McNally; Physical Therapist, is back seeing Clients, Alison Hogan’s Pilates classes are starting back with reduced numbers this week and Frances Sweeney will return to Reiki and Kinesiology sessions in August.

Hot off the Press!

Tracey Piper has given birth to a bonny baby boy at the beginning of the week. Wishing Tracey and the family much joy.

Sending love and light to you all and stay safe,

Julie & Olivia

The Dancing Soul


July’s Dancing Soul therapists profiles

Meet Bernie Doyle

My meditation group in the Dancing soul was suspended due to the virus. Our group have continued meditating from the comfort of our own homes at 7 pm every Tuesday. We now have 55 in our group. I send a text every Tuesday morning with some points of reference. Our intention is to join forces, but sometimes people are not able to join but they are included in the energy of the group irrespective of this. The feedback from the group is very positive, and people have also said it gives them food for thought. Some have said if they do their mediation at a different time, they feel the absence of the group. The group also is supporting my own meditation, which I do on a daily basis.

I am sold on the benefits of meditation as it has changed my life in a very profound way. My wish is people will see meditation as the way forward. Circumstances don’t make you they reveal you. The truth of who you are is totally different to what you think. Meditation allows you to feel that inner peace, and gives you the skills to ride the waves of your own life, in stormy and calm weather. It helps you find the solution to any problem that arises. The essence of you is total self worth, meditation highlights the areas of your life which are not in sync with this. It also allows you to live your life in harmony, this is wonderful for you and also for people in your life. Basically if you don’t create pain for yourself you wont create pain for anyone else. Its about you loving you first, then you can love the whole world. You are unlimited.

If anyone would like to join our group please contact me 0872453947.

Love and Light

Meet Teresa Bolger

Specialising in: Smoke Cessation and Anxiety.

I used to think I was destined to smoke until the day I died. I would make the odd attempt to quit and would last for a matter of hours. I would not be able to think of anything else but having a cigarette and I would give in. They made me feel awful. I felt old before my time. I had no energy, smelled like stale smoke, my skin looked terrible and I had a horrible wheeze on my lungs that terrified me.

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Meet Olivia Feehan

Themes I frequently work with: Anxiety, Self-esteem/ self-esteem and Grief

I practice as a holistic and integrative therapist. This simply means I believe the mind-body-spirit connection is fundamental in understanding yourself as a whole person. I draw from several theories of practice, as what suits one person won’t suit another. However, at the core of them all is the importance of the therapeutic relationship; connection, a safe space and supporting you to feel seen and heard. Every human being is on their path and has an unique way of working. The therapeutic environment is a space for curiosity, healing and growth.

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July invitations to support your wellbeing.

Chant along with Krishna Das and experience the joy and peace of this spiritual practice.

Devotional chanting, which has long been practiced in a wide range of wisdom traditions, has been used for centuries as a way to train people to stay present in the here and now… to be more at ease in THIS moment, and then the next…

On Wednesday, July 29, bestselling Western chant artist Krishna Das (KD), will continue the process of moving more deeply into the Heart space — through the spiritual practice of chanting — in Discover Loving Presence in the Eye of the Storm & Develop Inner Strength Through Chanting Practice.

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Relaxing Into Aging: How to Befriend the Changes With Humor, Grace and Lightness of Being

So much of Western culture views our older years as a time of physical diminishment and waning contribution. Yet these years can actually be the most spiritually meaningful time of your life!

There is no wiser guide for turning the challenges of aging into a spiritual opportunity than beloved teacher Ram Dass!
I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to invite you to a FREE virtual event with one of the preeminent spiritual teachers of our time. Honestly, I don’t believe there’s anyone better equipped to guide you in your aging journey than Ram Dass, who lives with an effervescent grace, love and beauty.

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103 Disempowering Beliefs About Money and Success and How to Eliminate Them in Minutes, by Nick Ortner. – Free Ebook

You see, most people have negative and limiting beliefs around money and success, that they’re completely unaware of. They simply don’t know what they don’t know.

And it’s not their fault. Trying to discover what they are is like trying to look in your blind spot when you have a stiff neck…it’s just not easy to see there! 🙂

This free ebook actually lists 103 disempowering beliefs about money and success and takes you through an easy to follow belief discovery process that will help you to figure out exactly what beliefs are holding you back. This this discovery process alone is incredibly powerful.

You can download it for free by clicking on learn more. Enjoy!

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DoTerra Lavender Essential Oil

With a distinct aroma and countless applications,
Lavender has been used for centuries. Anciently, the Romans and Egyptians would use Lavender for bathing and cooking. Since that time, many have discovered the myriad of benefits that Lavender holds.


  • Add to bath water to promote relaxation or apply to the temples and back of neck.
  • Add Lavender to face or body lotion to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.
  • Add a few drops of Lavender to bottoms of feet at bedtime.

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