The Dancing Soul Monthly Newsletter – September 2020

Cultivating Mindfulness into your Life

Hello Community,

We seem to be saying this every month, but its hard to believe it’s September. Time doesn’t make much sense this year, does it?

September is associated with new beginnings and transitions. Many children and young people may be starting/returning to creche, primary and secondary school. While others are starting/ returning to college and all working in these sectors make their start/return too. And parents and guardians transition into a new space in six months. It is difficult to capture what September this year represents – excitement, adventure, worry, doubt? Maybe it feels just like our weather lately – a mixed bag!

As we continue finding our way through 2020, let you do so with as much self-compassion as possible. Remind yourself daily (hourly) you are doing your best, even if your best looks different than your best before. Remind yourself to check in with yourself…  recognise your needs… become familiar with your wants… ask – how can I support myself in this moment? … as Michael Singer encourages –  talk to yourself as if you were talking to your best friend.

We welcome to The Dancing Soul team Holistic and Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist Claire Bruton and Art Psychotherapist Joanne O’ Dwyer, you can learn more about them next month when their profiles will be featured.

Holistic and Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist Olivia Feehan joined Derek Wheatley on his podcast the Weekly Wheatley, click here if you would like to listen.

Information to join our Grief Support Group email list is below.

This September we profile therapists Deirdre Wynne and Cecile Jacquot and the services they offer. We are excited to bring the below invitations to support your wellbeing: Michael A. Singer, author of The Untethered Soul, has created his first online course Living from a Place of Surrender and discover Lucid Dreaming with Andrew Holecek. Our book of the month is Glennon Doyle’s brilliant memoir Untamed and lastly, September essential oil is Breathe with its calming and relaxing benefits.

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Sending love and light to you,

The Dancing Soul


Let there be an opening
into the quiet that lies
beneath the chaos,
where you find the peace
you did not think was
possible and see what
shimmers within
the storm.

― John O’Donohue

Grief Support Group

The last few extraordinary months has meant that for many, the grief process and normal rituals and supports for grief have been interrupted. Everyone been impacted by loss this year; our life pre-Covid, employment, bereavement, health, spontaneity, travel and all the little losses that bring meaning and joy to our lives.

The intention for this group is to offer space to acknowledge and honour your loss(es) and learning to reengage with your life after loss.

If you would like some support in a safe and compassionate environment with two professional psychotherapists this might be for you.

It will be hosted in the Dancing Soul, at a time that is safe to do so following all health and safety guidelines. To join the email list to be notified for when we can safely host this support group just click here.

September Therapists Profiles

Meet Deirdre Wynne


Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapist
MA & BA Psychoanalytic Studies BA Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy

Life can be challenging and especially now as we attempt to return to a ‘new normal’. I understand that this can be a worrying time. I frequently meet clients who are struggling with anxiety, overwhelm and feeling stuck in their lives. Many clients have encountered grief, loss, and uncertainty. It is often the belief that things in life need to be at crisis point before going to counselling, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Sometimes it can help to talk to someone outside of your family and friends to understand how you are feeling. Perhaps learn how to cope with emotional triggers or stress. Gain support in figuring out what is important to you and your well-being. In my practice you will be met with empathy and compassion, in a safe space, – without judgment. Trust and acceptance will be the foundation of our therapeutic relationship that journeys towards self-acceptance. self-compassion, healing, and growth.

You can change the way you feel…

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Meet Cécile Jacquot


Hi everyone, my name is Cécile Jacquot and I am the owner of Orange Cloud Hypnotherapy, which is a hypnotherapy clinic based in the Dancing Soul.

As the daughter of two mathematicians and the proud graduate from a sports therapy degree nothing truly predestined me to become a hypnotherapist. That is until the day I met a fabulous hypnotherapist based in the Galway Clinic. Hypnotherapy was a true revelation, better yet: an evidence! It felt like all of me had been getting ready for it without me even knowing it. Everything that defined who I was; my love for words, my intuition, my hunger for stories and my love for people; made me a hypnotherapist. I remember calling my family right after that first meeting to tell them I had decided to become a hypnotherapist…which I did…after loads of hard work! Since then, not a day in the clinic has passed without me learning something new and wondering at the power of the mind. Through my years practicing, I have seen people face their deepest fears, lose weight after years of trying, give up long-lasting addictions, improve their relationships, process their grief, become pregnant, find peace…None of it was ever easy, none of it happened over night, and none of it was magic: it all came from a profound willingness to make a change for the better. I just helped a bit along the way!

There is a lot out there about hypnotherapy and how it works. For me it shows how old the discipline is: hypnotherapy is language, words and stories and people have been hypnotised since language, words and stories exist. Mostly you will see hypnotherapy described as a form of therapy that relies on the power of hypnosis. In the altered state of consciousness that defines the hypnotic state, the subconscious mind is at the forefront. This is the ideal state to make deep and long-lasting changes to someone’s mindset according to their goals. This is done through the use of suggestions, metaphores, tales. For more of the technical stuff I will let you have a look at my website or chat to me through my email

Now: everyone has preferences…and because of my background as a sport therapist and Pilates instructor I am particularly interested in hypnotherapy for weight loss and persistent (formerly known as chronic) pain. In the past few years I have also profoundly enjoyed working with children living with autism. Because mind and body work better together, I have also started offering holistic sessions in which I combine the power of hypnotherapy with physical and exercise therapy.

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September invitations to support your wellbeing


Living from a Place of Surrender is the first ever online course with Michael A. Singer.

Michael A. Singer, author of The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment, has created a three-part “mini-course”.

Join Michael for his personal guidance and practical teachings on: • Letting go of who you think you are to discover a deeper “you” • Rediscovering the miraculous nature of every unfolding moment • Ending the struggle with a noisy mind once and for all • Releasing inner blockages and old emotions and keeping the heart open • Living in harmony with the flow of life “Your natural state is one of ecstasy, but you miss it because you’re busy focusing on what the mind has to say about everything,” explains Michael A. Singer. “The goal of this course is to change your entire perspective—to challenge you to go beyond yourself in order to live from a place of surrender to the flow of life.”

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Discover lucid dreaming with Andrew Holecek

What is “lucid dreaming?” It’s the sudden, fully conscious realisation that you are dreaming—while you’re sound asleep. For many, it’s an astonishing, even life-changing experience. It opens up a third of your life to unlimited nightly adventures and healing access to your unconscious mind. But most profoundly, teaches Andrew Holecek, it can awaken us to the deepest spiritual truth: the illusory nature of waking life and all reality itself.

We hope you’ll enjoy learning lucid dreaming skills that will serve you for years to come, with Andrew as your experienced guide.

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Book Recommendation

Glennon Doyle – Untamed

Glennon Doyle’s memoir opens with a story about a cheetah. While at the zoo, Doyle and her family watch a “Cheetah Run” in which a cheetah chases a stuffed pink bunny attached to the back of a Jeep. After the run, Doyle’s young daughter notices the cheetah stalking the perimeter of her cage and says, “Mommy. She turned wild again.” Doyle explores how we strive so mightily to be good: good mothers, daughters, partners, employees, citizens, and friends. We believe all this striving will make us feel alive.

Instead, it leaves us feeling weary, stuck, overwhelmed, and underwhelmed. We look at our lives, relationships, and world, and wonder: Wasn’t it all supposed to be more beautiful than this? Ultimately, the narrative is an in-depth look at a courageous woman eager to share the wealth of her experiences by embracing vulnerability and reclaiming her inner strength and resiliency.

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Essential Oil Of The Month


Feel the direct effects of doTERRA Breathe essential oil blend when you apply it topically. For best results, apply doTERRA Breathe to your chest and inhale deeply to experience a cooling and invigorating vapour. This application will also help you maintain feelings of clear airways.

doTERRA Breathe provides a natural solution to help minimise the effects of seasonal threats. When you are experiencing the shifts of the season, diffuse doTERRA Breathe essential oil blend in your home or workspace to lessen unwanted effects.

When loud noises are keeping you up at night or if you are experiencing trouble falling asleep, diffuse doTERRA Breathe for a calming effect that promotes a restful night’s sleep. The fresh and minty aroma of doTERRA Breathe will fill your room, allowing you to remain calm and enjoy a night of rest.

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Diffuser and Humidifier

Beautiful Diffuser and Humidifier is super value with holding 500mls and working up to 10 hrs each time. The Diffuser helps maximise benefit of your oils. With the Aromatherapy Humidifier refreshes and moisturises the air, which can improve air quality of your living space, cover the odd of pets or smoking, and protect your family from excessively dry air and dust. Includes 7 Colour Changing LED Lights, with dim and bright choices & Waterless Auto-Off.

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