Integrated Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy will enable you to discover the true essence of who you really are.  It helps you to identify negative emotions in your body and to realize the negativity is in you not of you. 

Emotional awareness is preventative medicine.  “How do I feel” that is a very valuable question, because it allows you to name the emotion, and then it is easier for you to release it.  Emotion is energy in motion, it’s your guidance system, and it also allows you to heal old emotional wounds.  Energy Therapy will help you to accept the things you cannot change, change the things you can and it will give you the wisdom to know the difference.  Acceptance of yourself firstly is the gateway to living your life in harmony.  It teaches you to embrace all life offers you, and helps you to learn valuable truths about yourself from each experience. Life wasn’t meant to be a struggle, so end the struggle and enjoy your life.  When you change, everything around you changes.