Therapy Book Club

In January, I put a little idea out in to the universe. The idea of a virtual book club for therapists from all fields and from all over the country. It was just a notion. But it was something that filled me with this uplifting energy when I would think about it as not only would it be an opportunity for therapists to connect with other therapists, and from varying fields, but it would also encourage a sharing of knowledge and / inspiration.

The idea of finding connection, sharing knowledge and inspiration, even on that virtual level, is something I am noticing many of my friends and colleagues have really been seeking. Maybe it is the general lack of connection in all of our lives for the past year. Having moved through each season missing something so central to our very being. Yet continuing to love ourselves, our families, and our clients as best we can. And so, naturally I guess, the idea became a reality.

I set up a little WhatsApp Group and added anyone who said they were interested. There would be no pressure in terms of a timeline as we acknowledged the current cocktail of Global Pandemic and Brexit along with Busy Home Lives, Work Lives and Personal Lives. Slowly, and I mean slowly, we waited on our first book; The Mindful Therapist by Dan Siegel, to arrive.

Almost two months in, we set up our first virtual gathering, encouraging everyone, including those who had not yet received their book, or had not got ‘round to starting, to come along. Emphasis would be on the opportunity to connect with other therapists and given the theme of the book, perhaps take it also as an opportunity to connect with ourselves.

It was a such a lovely opportunity to connect and to share our current mindfulness practices with other likeminded professionals. As therapists, we already have an understanding of the importance of being present with our clients. We know that it is not possible to be present with our clients if we are not present within ourselves. And so there is something meaningful in the virtual space as we share our thoughts, experiences and techniques with that commonality in mind. We are reminding each other, in a sense, to keep going. Keep learning, keep growing both as professionals and as human beings.

We decided to hold our gatherings once a month. Regardless of where we are in our book or in our practice; we will meet in the virtual realm, connect and remind until we have reached the end of our book. My hope is that it will continue to grow and that this month was the beginning of something new and fresh and ever changing, like the seasons and like us.

Link to buy: The Mindful Therapist by Dan Siegel

Joanne O’ Dwyer
Art Psychotherapist
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